Day 3: A lovely loop in the country side

Day 3

Another good night’s sleep. Despite Steve having a rather nasty cough. Hope I don’t get it!

Today we set off for Gordes, L’ilse da Sorgue and Avignon.

It was a beautiful day and I’m still recovering form the bull fight of last night. I’ve been once. I definitely don’t have to go again.

Our rather eclectic room

We set Our Lady of Directions (aka the tom-tom) and sat back and enjoyed the drive. It’s lovely countryside. Lots of fruit trees around and green fields. Van Gogh would love it.

We arrived at the hill town of Gordes and Steve is very much into the “John McGann school of parking” – always drive to where you want to be and then look for a park. We saw people walking up from the bottom of the hill car park and we drove to the town and got a spot. You have to pay but really it’ not much  – 3 to 4 euros for convenience. Well worth it. We loved this village – quiet despite the tourists and really lovely coloured stone in the buildings.

Enjoyed watching all the cyclists ride up the steep hills and stop at the top for drinks. Reminded us of John B when we stayed with them in Cotignac.

Off to dinner! I’ll finish today later!

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