Beautiful birthday 

Some people dread another Birthday. Not me. 

Every birthday is a gift. If you don’t celebrate it means you’ve given up! And the alternative is pretty grim. 

This year my birthday is being celebrated in Phnom Penh. Not my favourite city but special this time because we’re here for a great occasion. Pete and Elena’s wedding. 

We started the day in a not so great hotel. I made an unusually silly mistake and when we booked in last night realised I didn’t want to stay there more than 1 night! . By 10am we had selected another one nearby and moved in. The staff are gorgeous. More about that later. 

By midday we were at Pete and Elena’s hotel and it’s a great one – especially for groups. It’s pet friendly and disabled friendly so perfect for all. 

We decided to stay there for lunch. Elena’s Mum from Italy brought beautiful salami, cheeses , prosecco and lemoncello. No wonder we get on! Lucky I speak a little Italian! 

Some of the group swam. 

So we sat and chatted and drank. 

By 4.30 it was time for a little sleep – I am   getting older. 

So back to our hotel – a change into my ‘house dress’ then a knock on the door. 

We are on the ground floor near the pool and they said they needed us in the office. I thought our credit card had bounced ! 

We went around and out came 5 staff members all singing Happy Birthday , carrying a beautiful cake with my name on it! Decorated with Santa and a tree! 

They had seen my birth date on my passport! How sweet! 

What lovely people live here. I’m not thinking about the ba**>| who ran into Peter. But the majority of locals are lovely. 

So now I’m on the bed resting and looking forward to dinner tonight at Lost Room. It’s supposed to be a great place to eat. More fun coming my way. 

Now you know why I love Birthdays 🎉💐🎂🍸🍾💕

Thanks for all the messages. 

6 thoughts on “Beautiful birthday 

  1. I had a similar birthday experience in Vietnam. Cake, music, sparklers at breakfast! Lovely surprise.!
    What a time to celebrate, birthday, wedding and so close to Xmas. Enjoy!


  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate your special day !🍾🎄😊🎈🎂🎉
    Looking forward to more lovely photos and tales .
    Love to the Familyxx xx


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