Friends Gather in Phnom Penh

Excitement is mounting. 

Today I organised multiple pickups from the airport. Friends and relatives started to arrive from Siem Reap and Australia. 

Catherine and David, the Brannocks and the Chisholms. Later Steve’s sister Marg. 

We frocked up and headed off to Raffles Hotel with Mr Smiley in his tuk tuk, for a high tea to celebrate the start of Elena’s hen day. 

The men headed off for the bucks night. It started with a BBQ at the local AFL footy captains home. Then onto who know what. I just hope someone keeps an eye on Pete! 

Pete played for the local Cambodian Eagles until the accident so he’s missing being part of the action. 

Very civilised high tea along with the most expensive cocktail in PP! 

Friends of Elenas- all Nationalities – some living here,  some arrived from India, Australia the Phillipines. All gathered to celebrate with this beautiful bride 

‘The older members of the group didn’t continue on to the sunset cruise. We had others to meet at the hotel. Clare, my sisters daughter and Jan , a cousin were arriving for dinner. 

We experienced the local BBQ restaurant where we ate and ate , drank beer and wine and it cost us $12 head! 

I’m wondering how the bride and groom are holding up after their big night! 

Today Rob and Jordan and her parents Lisa and John arrive and head straight to the Killing Fields. They’ll probably run into the group from here going out for a visit to his very sad place. 

More excitement later today. 

These international weddings are a bit of a marathon! But so much fun. 

The tree at Raffles reminded us that it’s also very close to Christmas. Hope you are all ready ! Shopping done? Presents wrapped? 

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