Take off tomorrow! 

The night before take off is always busy.

The clothes are out on the spare bed. The essentials are checked and double checked.

I try and stick to my rule for packing.

Pack things in lots of 3.

I have 3 bottoms ( 1 pants, 2 shorts, ) 3 dresses ( oops… I have 4!) 3 shoes, 3 tops and swimmers, goggles and all the other “stuff” for swimming.

We are flying with China Southern air. This will be a new experience. Let’s hope it’s a good one. Quite a wait in Guangzhou before heading to Paris then onto Ljubljana. A long way. So luckily we are being picked up at the airport. A prebooked GoOpti car service.

Then a nice little apartment in Ljubljana, a city we are keen to explore.

So enjoy my stories and pass this along to other friends. The more readers the better.

7 thoughts on “Take off tomorrow! 

  1. Oh nooo, I’ve missed you! Sorry, got back from Barcelona and was flatten with an upper respiratory cold. Only come good, just yesterday! See you when you get back hopefully before we take off again. 😉


  2. I was in Ljubljana (briefly) several years ago. Took a train from there to Vienna. I was delighted & surprised by this charming capital of Slovenia. Safe travels & eager to hear about your experiences. Heard that Lake Bled is not to be missed- a must stop!


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