Australia is a LONG way from Ljubljana 

We Australians are good travellers. Otherwise we would never go back for another trip. 

Our flights were business class and I guess that saved us because is was such a long trip. We went Air France who code share with China Southern ,  as they offered such a cheap business class flights. It was good. Just very long. 

The first flight from Brisbane was in a new plane with lovely but slightly inexperience cabin staff. Then a 6 hr wait in a rather crowded lounge. Then 12 hours to Paris in another great plane, with a 5 hour wait in a really lovely lounge with great showers.    ( saved us really) then a 3 hour flight. Phew. Finally arrived at about 4pm today –  Sunday. 

Very smart AirFrance lounge. Paris.

We arrived tired ………but excited to be here. 

Flying in gave us a great view of the surrounding countryside. It’s green and forested with mountains in the background and very neat looking villages. 

We now pre book to be collected from the airport and this worked well with GoOpti a local company. 

Our apartment for 4 nights booked through is just back from the very picturesque river. It’s above a few restaurants and I’m listening to the rather lovely music floating up. We’ll be very comfortable for these next few nights. I find apartments give us more space and freedom. We’ve unpacked and I even ironed some dresses ready for the next few days. 

We took ourselves off exploring at around 5 and have just got back. It 9.13 and it’s just now getting dark. We really need to get to bed!

This lovely small city – the capital of Slovenia looks like a gem. It’s not too big. It’s got a charming river, some beautiful old buildings, a hill overlooking the city with a castle perched on top, lots of bridges and a ton of out door bars and restaurants. 

The perfect recipe for a few days exploring. We’re doing a walking tour at 10 tomorrow so it’s off to bed. 

The weather was overcast all day and drizzling in Paris. Then this afternoon the clouds moved off and the late afternoon sun was gorgeous –  shedding a beautiful soft light on the old buildings. Charming! Can’t wait to explore. 

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