Lazy Summer day by the beach

After a lovely dinner last night we were late to bed and enjoyed the quietness of our apartment. We are back from the party atmosphere of the beach and I must say it’s quieter.

We got up before most of the party people and that includes the children! We wandered down to the beach and swam out and around the small island. It was quiet with very few boats. It was about 1.5 km and felt beautiful.

Yes I swam around the island twice today. From near the blue dot which is our hotel.

Back on land we were amused to see the free wooden slatted day beds had towels on them to ‘reserve’ them. I think holiday makers sneak out at night and put the towels on them anchored down with rocks. There were certainly no swimmers around so it was a plot against early risers wanting beds! I felt tempted to remove the towels and lie down. No wonder many beaches have paid day beds! Make them free and people think they can own them by depositing a towel on them.

Following breakfast I left Steve doing emails and went for a walk and some shade to read my book. I was sitting near the water under a tree and heard a familiar voice. It was Yves   – our old swim trek friend from 2014 Sardinia trip. He’d arrived with a local having been given a lift from the port.

We waited for Steve to join us for coffee and caught up on lots of news. Yves us a great guy. He is half Australian half Vanuatian. So has a French and Australian passport. He worked for Swim trek when we first met him but now works on-and-off as a town planner in England, when he’s not running his own standup paddle boarding trips to places like Mexico, or swim treks to his home place Vanuatu. We’re planning a trek to Vanuatu next year. Come along.

Later in the afternoon the group for our swim trek arrived.

What a great group. Four FRENCH men, Yves, and Dan Garr and his wife Isabelle and two sons Max and Luke.

We did an orientation swim. Yes around the island again! Then we were put into our swim groups for tomorrow. I’m with Steve and two Frenchmen. Julien and Daniel.

We had a great first night dinner  with the guides Ricky and Neil. Both great guys. They outlined the swim for tomorrow. Help.! It’s 5 km in the morning and 2 km in the afternoon.

Mmmmm … off to bed for a good sleep.