Up, up and away. Hong Kong to Rome

Hello readers I hope you’re ready for a very different holiday experience.

This time I’m not swim trekking! Well Steve is but not me. I’m cruising.

We leave today for Hong Kong and a reunion of sorts with fellow swimmers and now friends Yves, Dan, Chris and his brother Ben. You have heard me talk about them before. (if not check out my blog stories on Tarifa, Morocco). We’ve swum with them in Sardinia – twice, Spain to Morocco and Croatia. Now its Hong Kong. A big 15 km swim.

Some say Steve is mad. That HK is not a great place for open water swimming. But when did Steve worry about things like dirty water, strange currents, long distances. They go in at Stanley and turn right, away from all the busy harbour traffic and then swim along for 15 km. I’ll wander around trying to stay cool and dry for about 5 hours!

Our friend Yves has bought the snacks they will consume along the way to give them energy. Yves knows what he’s talking about. He’s swum the ENGLISH Channel. Here’s the collection for the 5 swimmers!

So it’s 4 days in HK before we fly onto Rome for the family cruise.

It’s Steve’s sister Marg’s special 0 birthday and we are going on the beautiful Royal Princess with 3 of her 4 children and 5 of her 6 (almost 7) grandchildren. So it will be a lot of fun. We are fortunate to be sailing on Marg’s daughter Roberta’s  ( Berti) husband Fabio’s ship. The Royal Princess,  where he is the  chief engineer. So they know the ship well and we’ll be looked after so well.

So our first cruise. Will we enjoy it! It’s ten days long. So not too big to start with.

Have you been cruising? Is so please add a comment about your cruise experiences.

10 thoughts on “Up, up and away. Hong Kong to Rome

  1. Have a wonderful holiday and safe travels. You are sure to make some wonderful memories ! Good luck with the swim Steve and a Happy 0 birthday Marg !!✈️🛳🏊🎂🍾xxxx


  2. Go well, Steve and Fran. Happy travels and swims. About the cruising….. Fun but a lot of ocean to look at. Loved river cruising where days were spent exploring off the board but night like fe was fun too. B


  3. Bom voyage Fran and Steve ✈️🛳
    Good luck with the swim Steve 🏊 15 klm……..I am HUGELY impressed!!
    You will have loads of fun with your family on the cruise, especially as you will be getting extra special treatment.
    Geoff and I arrive back home in a few days , so will see you on your return.
    Fun times ahead!!


  4. Happy 0 birthday to Marg!
    Cruising – I love it, Lisa does not. I usually gain weight even though I try to participate in all of the on-board activities. Lisa struggles along with a chaise, a book and a cocktail.
    Good luck to Steve and the boys. He continues to impress.
    We look forward to your (daily) tale.


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