What to do in a relaxed Sunday in Hong Kong

Yesterday was anything but relaxed so we owed ourselves a slow day.

Steve slept and slept. I woke as usual around 7 and pottered and wrote and edited photos then went walking around the Sunday streets. It’s much quieter in the morning – especially Sunday . We are staying in the Butterfly on Wellington St. It’s in the busier restaurant, shopping area. Not the big high-end shops. The interesting boutique shops. It’s off Pottinger St and down from Hollywood Rd.

It’s turned out to be a great find. We didn’t want the expense of the 4 Seasons where the others are staying. So I opted for this busier area and a boutique style hotel. We’re on the 21st floor a corner room,  large with a lounge and a big bathroom. It also has a Nespresso machine, an iPod and, best of all, a pocket wifi. This is a wifi about as big as a iPod ,that can be taken around with you and supplies wifi to your phone / iPad. It’s great as I haven’t had to look for free wifi when out. Great for messaging our group when seperated or for following maps or booking an uber.

Steve finally surfaced and we made our way out for coffee before catching up with the guys at the Four Seasons. Then it was shopping time. Scott and his new fiancé Yan took us out for a browse. Ben bought a beautiful cashmere jumper from a place on Hollywood Rd , then it was time for a beer. It’s hot thirsty work shopping so we stepped into The Globe around the corner. The streets are steep and there are lots of steps.

We then visited an old Police Station which has had a great conversion into an arty shopping precinct. There were lots of little shops along the building with artisans showing their wares. A really interesting place.

Check out the swimmers, Steve did not buy! And the bag I did buy!

We took a short break for cheesecake and gelato. Dan hit the keys. Fortunately they were fake!

The boys then decided they needed a massage to get the stiffness out of their bones. I decided a swim was in order so I took Dan’s room key and headed to the 4 Seasons as Fran Garr (Dans surname). I had a lovely tine at the pool and jacuzzi. And what a view.

The weather is very warm even though it looks cloudy. It’s more smoggy than overcast!

Steve came back relaxed and happy and we headed back to our hotel to prepare for dinner. I had to choose the restaurant  – tonight just the four of us. Chris and brother Ben have both gone, so Dan, Yves,  Steve and I went for an early dinner. This time they needed meat! So it was the Tango Argentinian. Yum. The best steaks ever.

After dinner  we wandered down the steep hills of Central and bid our swim friends Yves and Dan a big good bye. They leave tomorrow as do we. But. We don’t go till midnight so  we are  visiting Zoe and Kunal Dey ( our friend Jill’s daughter ) and their gorgeous little boy Jack. They live here but out at Discovery Bay. It’s a ferry ride away towards the airport. After living in Central HK they decided on a quieter place to live. We’re looking forward to catching up with them and discovering Discovery Bay.

2 thoughts on “What to do in a relaxed Sunday in Hong Kong

  1. Fran, you have certainly packed a lot into your few days in HK – Steve of course has done a lot more than you!
    Enjoy your cruise- will be loads of fun with your family.


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