First stop Sydney

Welcome back to my travel tales.

We’re off again!

This time London , Turkey and back to London.

But first a mini stay in Sydney as Steve has a board meeting before our flight tonight.

Last night we met up with my sister Catherine and David, nephew George and niece Helen.

Today a gorgeous ferry ride to Double Bay to visit my sister at her school, Double Bay Primary, where she works as a teacher librarian. So no lunch with her!

Then lunch with nieces Pip and Clare and little Max. We were so busy talking I forgot to take a photo.

But the ferry ride was wonderful so lots of photos. It’s a world beater ride. The views in the sunshine are breathtaking.

I haven’t been to Double Bay in years. It’s still has it’s Village feel but there are as many Beauty bars as espresso bars.

The little beach next to the ferry wharf is a beautiful place to chill.

The public Library is another place to spend time. It’s so inviting. Libraries are not dead!

I’m waiting on the ferry back to Circular Quay , meet up with Steve then out the airport. A Qatar flight to London.

So follow along for the next few weeks as we rediscover London and swim along the coastline of Turkey. Another swim trek based in Kas.

6 thoughts on “First stop Sydney

  1. I missed you! I guess I will have to wait until you come back to Brisbane in a couple of weeks. Have a wonderful holiday…..hope Oliver is okay without you 😦


  2. Great to know what you are up to. I’ve been meaning to ring for a chat for ages – I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer!
    Enjoy xx


  3. I missed catching up with you too before you left Fran ! Here’s to another memorable journey for you and Steve .✈️
    We look forward to following your trip . XX 🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️


  4. What a stunning day in Sydney… glorious sunshine! Have fun and safe travels. Do some walks with the ‘London Walks’ company… fantastic. Bx🤩


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