Preparing for a baby shower. American style

Feeling refreshed after a lovely long sleep I heard chatter in the family area at around 6.30. Jordan and her parents were up drinking tea and catching up.

I went back to sleep!

By 8 am I was ready for a walk and coffee. We walked through the quiet streets of Lodi towards a cute little coffee shop.

The houses are mostly low ranch style with nice gardens and the occasional American flag.

The Donati’s have lived in their comfortable house for about 32years and it’s a lovely big family place with a beautiful pool out the back.

John & Lisa outside their house

We called into Jordan grandmas house after coffee. Everything is nice and close here and nice and flat for walking.

Lisa has a list of little jobs to do that would have me exploring Lodi and nearby Stockton as we prepared for the baby shower. Jordan was off to a bridal shower with her friends.

Jordan in her way to her friend’s bridal shower

First stop for us was The Hobby Lobby! A giant craft type place filled with everything needed for setting up your arts & crafts. We bought a selection of glass vases for the white flowers we got later at Costco ( along with a Speedo swimsuit!). We also got ribbons.

Then it was the party place for baby shower napkins, table decorations, a banner and other bits and pieces. As we queued up a lady commented on my lipstick colour! She was very impressed I had come all the way from Australia for a baby shower.

Little blue bundtinis

Then to Stockton for the bundtini – little decorated cakes. we couldn’t but look at Flair a ladies boutique owned by godmother. I bought a lovely shirt. Not there – at another store Lisa likes.

Back home for crab salad lunch , flower arrangements decorating and family gathering before heading to a family style brewery. It was perfect for pizza, beer and games for the kids.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for a baby shower. American style

  1. Hi Frannie,
    Can’t believe that I’m reading about you in Lodi! In 1964 I shared a cabin with a retired school teacher from Lodi on a boat trip from Singapore to Naples. She was an adventurous “old girl” and a lot of fun. In 1968 we went and stayed with her and she took us to Yosemite National Park. Her son in law was connected to the park and she knew every nook and cranny. It was a beautiful part of California. I think the scary part is that Mrs Watson was younger than I am now and I am certainly not an “old girl”. Have a wonderful time, I’m waiting for your next Post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Judy. That’s amazing! Jordan & her family loved hearing this story. We were going to head to Yosemite today but I decided it was a little too far ! Next time. They often go there and to Lake Taupo. See you next time at one of our activities!!!


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