Roma: Queensland not Italy

The road to Roma was great. The landscape is different to the landscape of the past few days.

A coffee break at Mitchell for the best bakery yet kept is going

Today is sales day in Roma. We heard this was a must. And today was to be a huge day of sales.

What an experience.

The cattle are all penned in groups. The auctioneer moves down one side shouting out prices at a cracking pace. The stock agents are on the other side bidding.

Agents for the owners bid.
Pen after pen.

The cattle are weighed and priced.

Check out the prices. It is amazing how quickly it all happens.

The interactive centre on site explains everything that happens. Wonderful displays.

I needed to get my cowgirl look happening.

I needed a check shirt,❌ warm padded vest, ❌ jeans ✔️pearl earrings ✔️ sturdy slightly muddy boots ❌ ( mine were too clean ) cattle hat ❌. Mine was a sheep style narrow brim. 😬 cattle hats are wide brim.

Definitely would be identified as a non local. A blow in!

Cattle hat. Wide brim.

Feeling slightly dusty we stopped at the wonderful sculpture exhibition by the side of the road. Local sculptors made some great work. It was up for sale. Between $2000 and &12000.

Loved this wooden one titled Family Tree

Visiting the Roma bush gardens helped us identify local trees.

Though slightly amused when we had to move off the walking track for a police car

Back in the car. Y 5pm for a visit to the Big Rig. Oil & gas show.

The story of gas & oil rigs in Roma
The big rig.

Interesting show interesting story but slightly underwhelming.

Tomorrow we explore the Main Street area of Roma before heading to stay on our friends cattle property at Drillham.

4 thoughts on “Roma: Queensland not Italy

  1. Hi Fran & Steve,
    Loving your blog .
    We had a fun time in the Roma area years ago. Stayed on friends huge cattle property . Drove from Melbourne with our children .
    Lots of Roos , red dirt & wild boars at the Muckadilla Creek where we fished & bush bbq’d.
    Look forward to your next chapter. 💕


    • That sounds good especially now you’re in lockdown. We’re heading to a friends cattle property to stay today. We’re been there with the boys. It’s great. They live further in about an hr from Roma.


  2. Winter woollies out Fran – news tonight said a minimum -1 in Roma tomorrow.
    When we were there last year, found the supposedly largest bottle tree in a park with little info board. Later read it wasn’t really the largest……I tracked down said largest – down a shabby ally at the back of a Chinese takeaway!!


  3. Had a laugh at your cafe morning tea stop, Fran. During our recent 8 week caravan trip, I promised myself I’d be good, but that didn’t have a hope of happening.Our morning tea stops were so welcome when out on the road. Bx


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