Off Overseas! Tasmania here we come.

Amid the covid lockdowns in several states of Australia , we in Queensland are fairly safe so we are permitted to enter Tasmania. At the moment!

We are heading to the island state of Tasmania to visit friends Ginetta & Stephen. They moved there about 5 years ago and love it.

After spending last year in France & Italy dodging covid they are back in covid safe little Tasmania.

We plan to fly into Hobart, spend a day or so there before heading to Bicheno and then progressing in an anti clockwise direction around the island.

We were meant to be driving our MG all the way down. Through NSW, Victoria onto the car ferry and arrive in Devonport. But those states are closed so w we are flying.

Tasmania is beautiful. It’s cold, clean and has great food and wine. So follow on for some armchair travel.

9 thoughts on “Off Overseas! Tasmania here we come.

  1. I look forward to hearing about your Tasmanian travels,Fran. That island has always seemed mysterious to me. Met a Swimtrekker on holiday who worked as a doctor there. He loves the place!


  2. Good morning Fran . My comment couldn’t or wouldn’t send so just wishing you a wonderful trip. We’ve travelled to Tasmania a number of times including one trip we drove right round anticlockwise from Launceston and back . So much to see and do. Safe travels. Annette X

    Annette’s iPad


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