Museums of Darwin

Today it was back on the tourist trail to see three museums on our list.

First up was a walk out along Stokes Pier.

It curves out around the bay across from the waterfront park. It was hot walking but lovely and cool as we entered the Royal Flying Doctor building. It’s also home to a display about the bombing of Darwin in 1941.

We’ve been to RFD museums in Charleville, Alice Springs, Longreach and now here. All great displays of such a wonderful service. Here there was a virtual display. Fantastic! For the plane flying and then the bombings of Darwin. I love these 3D headpieces.

Steve in his 3D zone!
In 3D land!

There was a RFD plane which brought back memories of my son’s flight from Cambodia to Thailand after a bad accident. Although that wasn’t a RFD plane it was similar.

Next stop…… the Museum of Darwin. We caught the bus. Seniors free ….. thank you very much! but our navigational skills let us down and we got lost going from the bus to the museum ! We walked and walked in the heat until , passing Darwin High School the grounds man saw us, took pity and gave us very good directions. He asked did we need water! Like we were explorers lost in the desert! I was hoping he would offer us a lift!

We made it …….somewhat hot and sweaty.

The explorers looking for the Museum!

It had some very good displays. The animal life of the NT, a cyclone Tracey room and a meeting with Sweetheart – the huge croc – 780 kilos, 5.1 metres and around 80 years old. They tried to capture him to bring into a crocodile enclosure but in doing so he died.

Never smile at a crocodile!

A little further out through Fannie Bay was the military Museum. Another good display with a film about the bombing of Darwin. We now feel very informed on that piece of history.

By now we were ready for a cold drink and a sit down. The Trailer boat club had been recommended so we made our way there and it was a great spot. Lots of tables all facing out across the water. We couldn’t pass on an Aperol Spritz – it’s the colour of a magnificent sunset.

We watched the sun sink & enjoyed some seafood.

It took us back to another shared sunset with the Wilsons in Santorini!

3 thoughts on “Museums of Darwin

  1. Enjoyed seeing your sunset embrace, Fran.
    Steve should get some kudos from SwimTrek for his tee shirt advertisement.


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