Hello from Estonia – Tallinn.
We came by bus : leaving St Petersburg at 7. We were dropped at a dark bus stop – no signs no one spoke English around the place so we just hoped the bus would arrive. It did and we got on but not seated together. We got to the Russian border. It was like queuing to get out of theconcentration camp. All off the bus with all belongings. No smiles , filthy toilets and grump with a big stamp! Back on the bus and then another stop to get stamped into Estonia! Two hours getting out then into the nextcountry. For all that ……….
We did love Russia. It’s big grand amazing sights but food was hard to find – good quality and I don’t think they do service very well.
Tallinn is quaint, clean , friendly tourist ready and we were given a suite T the hotel! We LOVE this place! Sitting in my fluffy gown typing this on th iPhone! Next big problem – which of the restaurants will we choose.
Tomorrow lots of site seeing using our Tallin card. Great value at 40. Aus $ each . All entries to lots if museums, walking tours, guided gallery tours, the round town tour bus, us lots more. We won’t have to keep dipping into our wallets looking for money.
Hope to download some More photos.

Hi to all the readers!

One thought on “Tallinn

  1. Just home from Canberra so catching up on your adventures Fran. Sounds like a wonderful time especially with the two girls.
    Now it's just you and Steve and the holiday will be fabulous – but different.
    Lots of rain here in Brisbane – great for your garden. Love to you both.


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