Cool in Tallinn

thanks for your comments. It’s lovely to hear news from home. The pace has changed in this lovely little city- pop400,000. It’s easier in a small city and with the girls gone we have slowed down. At the moment we are having a pre dinner vodka watching TV in our suite. Last night we had an Estonian meal and it was delicious. Beetroot soup for me followed by fish and pickles for Steve followed by pork – a HUGE bone covered in delicious meat . Too much but delicious .
We did the tourist bus this morning after b/fast in the lovely dining room. Easy pace and we got to k ow the new as well as the old city. You can sense how hPpy the people are now they are not occupied by Russia. There is another SuMmer
Palace here that Peter the Great built for Catherine lucky girl. It is pink and has beautiful gardens around it.
Steve headed off to yet another Maritime museum and I took in the Art Gallery which had an interesting photographic exhibition showing life in Estonia over the years.
HIGHLIGHT: dinner last night . Yum

Jill – we were talking about your market trip coming up . You will love it. There are street markets here selling all sorts if knitted gear, linen toys etc. It’s cold today so be warned- layers cos it’s always hot inside. Also learn to like vodka and mulled wine.
Bye for now
Fran x

One thought on “Cool in Tallinn

  1. Hi Frannie!
    I am surprised you are touching vodka again after our last night with the 4 of us in ST petersburg 🙂 Wish I was still travelling with you…Estonia and Latvia sound like interesting places to visit!
    Lots of love
    pip xox


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