Leaving Tallinn

Today we had our last breakfast in the lovely breakfast room and we’ll be catching the 10am bus to Riga. It’s a little overcast today and when we stick our heads out the door will get a blast of the chill air.

Riga in Latvia will be interesting. Mostly because we will be handing Irma over to Merkus! Yes Steve has had his old school friend John’s mother Irma in his bag. She died over a year ago and John had been wanting to go to Riga to scatter her ashes – so Steve kindly offered to bring her with us. She has been in his bag just waiting handover. Stranger thnings have happened but I don’t know what they are! I’m sure Irma has enjoyed her trip and now willl be meeting relatives in Riga.

Impressions of Tallinn: Yesterday we went to the Estonian town Museum – and it showed clearly how the Estonians feel about being occupied by the Russians for so many years. It must have been so hard during those years – and they show have no love for the Russians. We also went to the outdoor museum – a kind of Estonian Old Sydney Town. It was in a beautiful forest and had the original farms set up and great explanantions of life as a farming Estonian. We visited th little school and show some kids on excursion. Naturally I had a chat to the teacher and told them where I was from in Australia. The kids were interested but had little English.

well off to Riga.
Hi Bertie ´how is little Cleo coming along? and your final assignments?
Love to all Fran

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