Markets, houses, burgers and music

Today I started with a swim at the country club house pool , breakfast and a trip to Old Town La Quinta for the Art under the Umbrella markets. 
All very nice : white washed buildings, white umbrella, lots of stalls with arty things: paintings, pottery, beads, cards, dog accessories, ( yes they love their dogs so much some people wheel them around like babies in carriages) . We wandered the streets but didn’t buy anything, had a coffee and headed home for lunch.. 
After a recharge Tom took  Jim, Audrey and myself house hunting. He is so funny. Knows the agents from his years of checking out the property market in the area. 
We saw a collection of houses starting with the 3.2 mil one which was in a very select gated community and was one of the lower end properties! It was so Italian in feel I thought I was in Italy . I could have moved right in. Four bedrooms and a casita ( a separate bedroom apartment at the entrance to the house) it all opened up at the back and had views across the pool to the golf course. The next one was 1.8 and again I could have moved right in . 3 bedrooms and a casito. Not as grand as the last one but so comfortable. Next one 2.8mil a BIG disappointment . Very tacky and over done. True to the  – Money doesn’t buy taste. 
Home via the food market for the makings for dinner. We are having home made burgers compliments of Jim and Audrey.
Lynne made us the usual margarita and we sipped out the back of the house after all preparing the burgers and salads. Lovely night THEN we decided to break with tradition and went to the fish market ( not for fish) for the live music in the bar area outside. 
It was terrific fun. A really good band  with 3 old timers from apparently famous bands of the past. Then a young girl guitar player who was very good . All together a great few hours jigging along to some favorite old songs and a few new ones

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