Ciao and Bonjour

Well we finished the swim trek and had a wonderful time. Steve was amazing the way he swam 14 km so soon after his knee replacement. I did a few swims but not as much as last year,  as the big swim was the focus. Our group was great, headed up by Francesco the guide, Yves ( from Vanuatu) and Vittoria from Milan. The group was Chris Masek  from London, his brother Ben from LA with a friend Dan also from LA, another Chris from London ( the ” not so straight Chris” )  and Phoebe, who went to kindy with Pete and we have always kept in touch with. She was there for girl company for me , but ended up swimming with the boys! We had many laughs. 
Jill,  I’ll  look forward to swimming with you, as I was a little group all on my own! Phoebe our young friend  from London got straight back into her school days swimming and went with the big boys! She didn’t do all the crossing but did around 8 km in total getting out then back in the water. Amazing effort for her with not too much training.  
So I was lonely! Steve swam with me one day when we did an small channel crossing from one island to another! That day I did 3 km. but it will be so good to have company. 
Yves the guide was such a nice guy – he has swum the English Channel and works for Swim Trek. He said we’ll love Greece in Sept. 
Chris, the birthday boy who organized the whole trip was so generous to us all. He paid the total hotel bill! Then when he heard we were going off to the Champagne area immediately got on the phone and organized a private tour of Pol Roger, which is impossible to do unless you know someone! Turns out Chris grew up in the area and knows the owner very well. So 10am Monday the owner is taking us on a private tour and tasting! Lucky us! 
As I’m writing this we are driving from Orly airport having flown in from Sardinia this afternoon. As usual you can’t depend on the weather and though its fine, it’s quite cool. So I wish I had my jeans. We will arrive in Epernay around 8 pm in time to change and have a glass of champagne and dinner. 
We had a memorable last night in La Maddalena with Francesco and Yves – everyone else had left the afternoon before. Had drinks and watched the soccer , then had dinner and then back to watch soccer at the bar. Very italian crowd and atmosphere. 

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