Epernay to Noyers

Following our visit to Pol we headed along the Champagne trail towards Chateau Thierry, enjoying a really lovely salad for lunch at a very small village along the way. It rained, on and off as we wound our way along country roads towards Noyers.

Noyers is a very old village with ramparts and arched gates opening into a really lovely small village. W found the office to book outer room and made our way through the rain to the old castle where we are staying.  Our room is big with windows looking out to the courtyard below and the bathroom has glorious views across the surrounding river and pastures. 
We rested up then made our way to the local bar for a drink before dinner. No champagne here. It’s Chablis territory as Chablis is about 20 km away. We booked at a lovely little restaurant run by a charming young couple who had their little baby in a high chair by the kitchen door, Laurent the host and his wife in the kitchen keeping an eye on her until it was bedtime. The food was delicious. They do 2 plates of the day both entree and main plate. I had smoked salmon and Steve had terrine then I had veal and he had beef. We met the man at the next table and he turned out to be from Bondi and was staying in the same little castle as us. In fact almost next door! A most interesting man. An ex lawyer,  who has written a book on wellness and started a business based on the idea. It must be lucrative as he is in Noyers looking at a property to buy. Very talkative nice guy. 
Walked aback to our  room by 10.30 and slept well in the bed with double sheets – no doona!    

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