Arriving in Naxos.

The swim trek is getting closer and I’m starting to get nervous. Hope I can keep up with my fellow swimmers. The weather will be so important as to how we enjoy each day so I’m praying to the weather Gods for a fine blue Greek sky. 
The plane was late loading and then we were driven out to it and boy did it look little! A bit scary! We squished on and and I felt like I was in charge of the propellor. I was that close to it! We had a lovely attractive air hostess called Sophia who read the safety requirements in just passable English , so I’m hoping there is no emergency! 

 We hardly seemed to go up before we were flying over little islands then it was time to land. The baggage hall was a funny little room with a set of rollers coming out of a hole in the wall and if you didn’t pick your bag up quickly it crashed onto the floor! 

Arrived at our lovely Hotel Grotta. So beautiful and neat and clean. Unlike many other buildings in the area, it is yellow. Our room looks over the sea and the green shutters frame the blue sea beautifully. The manageress greeting us with drinks, spinach pie and orange syrup cake. All very delicious as we hadn’t had lunch. 

We met two others who are doing the swim trek and OH NO they are from Australia!They probably feel the same about us! But we would like some cultural difference. We met some people from the trek that had just finished and there were no Australians on that trek. Anyway I’m sure our group will be good together.
We headed down into the township and it’s just lovely. Lots of  colourful restaurants and signs for tempting cocktails and, somehow, I overlooked the “sex on the beach”,” between the sheets”,”a loving couple” and decided on a strawberry daiquiri. The friendly green man in the yellow shirt promised me a fresh fruit cocktail – but sadly it was all show and no punch!

We moved onto to one of the many seafood restaurants and used a recommendation by the lady at the hotel. It’s probably her brother’s – but how do you decide? Probably could have gone to the one with the old many beating the octopus outside his place, or the one with the coal BBQ, or the one with chairs painted the colours of the rainbow. But in the end we were happy and shared a lovely BBQ dorado with grilled vegetables, salad and lots of local wine.


Tomorrow we meet Ricky and Emma our two guides. Hope we get less wind and lots of laughs.

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