Morning in Athens – or Where the Eastern Frieze should be

Morning in Athens

We decided to make the most of our morning in Athens and help Steve get some sights in.
So up early and breakfast at the hotel and then on foot to the Pantheon Museum and the Acropolis – about 15 minutes away. It was well worth the early breakfast at 7am and being on the street by 7.40. It’s much quieter then and the walk towards the Acropolis was wonderful. Got there as it opened at 8:00 and spent a great hour there. On good advice from some young friends of the Wilsons we headed to the top food at the Museum. It explains clearly the story behind the building of the Acropolis . We spent some time marvelling at the remains being pieced together by the archeologists.

Evzonnes at the Greek National Memorial

Trying to beat the tour groups, our own little group of 5 set off up the hill. It unfolds gently as you walk the slopes. The view across the city unfolds and the whiteness of the building starts to stun. As we rounded the last curve towards the Acropolis we were shocked to see the crowds, in waves, of cruise ship tour groups. DAMN! They must have come sneaking through special tour gates.

The The area around the Acropolis is rocky and rough and feels more original than having set paths and signs. The temple of Athena is also there and has exquisite carvings on the porticos surrounding the temple.

Recreated Eastern Frieze at the Museum

The Acropolis is wonderful, awe inspiring, magnificent – a piece of architecture to rival anything modern. Up close it is amazing, but like a lot of buildings its grandeur becomes obvious from a distant viewing.

We wandered back down the hill through winding streets led by our own little tour guide, Sarah, who with the aid of google earth had us back near the hotel before ur departure time of 11am.

So we had time for a little shoe shopping and a really beautiful coffee.

Back to collect bags and then a suitcase rally to the nearest metro station for a train out to the airport.
All very easy.

Theatre on the Acropolis
Two old ruins amongst the ruins


Where the Eastern Frieze should go


Just another monument in Athens

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