Friday – Steve’s last day on holidays

Friday – Saturday

We all made our way to the port – with a little detour by me to the bakery! It’s two hours to Naxos and we wouldn’t want to starve! the boat trip was different this time as we knew more travellers and had more fun and laughs as we went. Some of the group were dressed in climbing gear – they are the ones who had opted to climb Mt Zeus. It included Sarah Wilson, guides Ricky and Emma, the NZ sporty couple David and Kim and “glass half full girl” Maryanne. Steve and I and the Wilsons had another ferry to catch to Santorini. 

The ferry was a scene from Titanic. People were jostling for seats and pushing up stairs. We found a few seats – a little like a movie theatre all facing forward. Got settled then the German invasion with numbered seats! How did that happen? We obviously had only bought economy seats! They were in Premium and there was even a business class. Oh what an oversight. Anyway Steve and I found two free seats in the Asian section and Jill and Chris were in the cafe area. The trip took about 2-3 hours and then we arrived at another movie scene. Crowds everywhere. Standing in the exit  under the boat ( where the cars usually park) along with hundred of other refugees on holidays all with wheely suitcases , we were jostled and shouldered and felt like movie extras in a re-enactment of the landing at Anzac Cove. Appropriately, the boat backed into the port and it looked like we were going to ram the cliff straight in front of us. 
Fortunately I had emailed ahead to be met so we walked off and found our name among the many Greeks enthusiastically waving signs with names on them. 
We got in a mini bus and away. Went up the winding hill away from the port and enjoyed the view of the distant village of Oia which looked like snow on a mountain top. The villages are all white and scattered along the top of the cliffs overlooking the sea. It’s a gorgeous view and we couldn’t wait to get to Oia.  Felt very smug as we passed through other village feeling we had selected the right village for us. 
We were greeted by Paolus a big strong guy who lifted our suitcases with ease and went up the winding path to reception. Turns out we are on the end of the village in the very best position for viewing the famous sunset of the caldera. Our little villa has a front gate , four chairs and an umbrella on the patio outside the front door. Inside is a lounge room/ kitchen and then two bedrooms and bathrooms. One on the front  and one on the back. It’s perfect. 

 Hurriedly bought Prosecco, beer and ouzo, some snacks and settled ourselves on the patio for the viewing.  We were  as excited as kids. Laughing and sipping and snapping and kissing and hugging. It was also Steve’s last night so we wanted to make it special. Well Jill and I overdosed on bubbles and were wobbling after sunset as we made our way through the village to dinner. The streets are narrow, cobbled, steep in places and crowded with people all along the way who were there for the viewing of sunset. Once again we felt very SMUG to have found the perfect quiet spot for our own private viewing. 

Dinner was at Scala and involved much more food and drink encouraged by Steve who was trying to cram three days of fun into one! 

It was lovely, lots of photos and laughter and Steve trying to buy me a lovely piece of jewellery from one of the many shops along the way. All the shops are open till 10 pm which seems a little OTT but with all the romantics in the area it must be good for that impulsive buy. 
I managed to restrain Steve from doing it (?) until the morning when I had decided what I really  wanted! 

S o off to bed under the windmill. When you see photos of Santorini and you see the famous windmill at the top of the island – that’s where we stayed. 

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