Saturday: Farewell First Class Steve


Woke later than we planned! Steve didn’t get up and roam the quiet streets but Chris did. Finally hit the streets and visited the bookshop! The rocky outcrop with the spectacular view and of course the patisserie where Steve had spied some delicious pastries. We sat in the terrace sheltering from the dripping rain and enjoyed warm milk pie and apple tart. Yum. 

Before long it was time for Steve to depart. He had on his very sad face. We had heard his Airfrance flight had been changed due to a strike and he was now on Emirates. A text later from him in Athens confirmed he had won the upgrade lottery. He was First Class – all the way to Melbourne. Yay for Steve. Now he’ll find it hard to fly business. 

After Steve left we had our little siesta and then Jill and I had some girl time! We decided to try a little shopping. Well picture us in possibly the nicest boutique in Oia and becoming friends with the lovely girls then spending quite some time trying different outfits on. It’s was great fun. On my own I may not have tried things and I think Jill would have been the same but together! We went into the same dressing room and swapped things around. We have different figure types and some suited one and some suited the other!
Finally I decided on a lovely coral coloured silk top. Jill didn’t find anything so the lovely girl told us to visit their other shop around the corner. It’s called the silk shop and had may different things. Well into the shared dressing room again and more fun. Jill loved a naval silk top with  soft sleeves and a fitted band around the bottom. Lovely. She decided to “think” about it but I’m sure it’s the one for her.
We scurried back to Chris with a bottle of red and nibbles and watched the sunset. Not as good as yesterday so that’ll make Steve feel better. 

Found a lovely restaurant not far from our villa and we settled in and I had my first moussaka. Yum. The waiter was a hoot. Slightly gay – like that guy from the fashion show. Very funny but so attentive and brought us the nicest house wine I had tasted. 
We hid from the table of 4 Aussies next to us. They were loud and we didn’t want to get involved in their singing of Aussie Aussie Aussie! 

But they guessed and spent a few minutes describing all they had “done” in their six weeks holiday. We found out at least 20 things about them but gave away nothing much at all. Very “lock and key” 

Home to mint tea and a good sleep 

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