Sunday : a day in Fira


Woke to howling winds which they tell us are about a month too soon! Back on with the good old Bonds zip hoodie and off to the bus to Fira, the capital of Santorini. Comfortable bus ride down passing lots of walkers and apartments on the outskirts of Oia and we felt vey SMUG about our superior position. 
Arrived in Fira and within a few paces had eyed a massage place for poor Chris who is struggling with back pain, a result of a weeks swimming and a slight tumble down a rogue stair in Oia. We booked him in and went exploring. 

Imagine lots of tourists in a mish-mash of clothes due to the windy, cool weather (the most outrageous was the lady in sea aqua tights, beige linen knee length dress, purple wooly cardigan and a multi coloured scarf. I felt the height of fashion by comparison!) Then there were: snapping cameras, ooh and arrhs at the views, buskers playing very mellow tunes outside the large Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and multiple jewellery stores. 
Inside the Cathedral the little Greek lady who was cleaning was muttering – probably about the disrespectful tourists, sweeping and realigning the candles people had lit and put into the sand tray. 
Meandered the streets towards the cable car and decided not to ride it. It looked way too swaying for us. Instead we climbed stairs and visited  the Catholic Cathedral. It was painted yellow in contrast to the white of most of the buildings. 

Ventured into the Red Donkey for lunch and shared a few plates. Chris left us for his massage and Jill and I decided on a wander through the shopping streets. Not too much to attract us but I did buy some Spanish espadrilles! After being in France and not buying them, I then find some I like in Greece!

A few streets later we found a linen shop and after much ducking in and out of dressing rooms, sharing clothes and giving Very Honest opinions of how fetching we looked, Jill bought a blue/white linen top and I bought a very blue asymmetrical top and a burnt orange linen dress! Well done us. 
We made our way to the bus station and along with all the badly dressed tourists rushed onto the return bus to Oia. What an experience. Apart from a driver who thought he was in a James Bond speed scene, the real entertainment came with the conductor! What a cranky Greek he was. Smart mouthed, sarcastic, mean spirited and a tourist hater! His comments to various passengers included: “what language do you want to me to say it in” (to a poor Japanese man); “I’m not a bancomat” to the Spaniard who tried to give him a 100 euro note; “if you are getting off here – hurry” as people were trying to push through the crowds. Jill and I had a good seat and had a Greek language lesson from three local siblings who were carrying a huge white box, which we offered to hold on our laps. Our guess proved correct. It was the eldest one’s 14th birthday and they had been to buy a cake. She proudly opened the box to reveal a big white heart shaped cake decorated in gaudy red roses. Not to be too mean, I did think perhaps they had a hearty diet and would enjoy the big cake. They we all three of them rather well covered. The eldest girl had quite good English and then started to teach us a few Greek words. Not sure we were good students. 
We all got off at the same spot and as their house was right at the bus stop I thought we might be invited in to meet mum and share the cake. No such luck. So we crossed the road and entered Oia from the start of the village opposite to where we were staying. 
It’s a little more upmarket  – cave house and lots of “beautiful people” were lying on deck chairs around individual plunge pools. We could see them from the top walkway as all the little cave house appear to tumble down the cliff face. It was wonderful to see. 

We enjoyed a wedding  conducted on a little rocky outcrop, saw some local little girls playing with their Barbie dolls, dogs sleeping in door ways, the rich and maybe famous sitting in cafes drinking wine, and others enjoying a Greek style passeggiata. Lovely scene
We reach our end of the village and Jill – after a little urging from me, bought the beautiful navy silk top and I stopped in and picked up the pink silk. We are ready for a glamorous night out now. 
The crowds were gathering for the sunset and we smugly walked back to our “villa with a view” settled in with snacks and beer! (out of wine!) and snapped another few !!!!  Photos. What a sunset. Bright orangey pink sun, silvery lined clouds, rays plunging into the sea and changing every second. It’s an amazing sight. 
We had the loud neighbours (guess where they came from!) move in this afternoon which destroyed our peace but gave us a laugh. 
Another lovely dinner at Papagalos with our fun gay waiter and then to bed. 

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