Rock in’ roll in’ ridin’ to Hydra

  • Monday 29th – to Hydra
    Our last night in our little cave house. I have a double door onto the patio and I can open the top part (like a horse door but smaller) and leave it open all night. So I can listen to the sea, the wind in the wires of the windmill but very little else. It’s truly a magic place to stay. 
    Breakfast on the terrace is lovely especially as the waiter now knows us and brings our coffee in large mugs with extra hot milk on the side. It’s sad to be leaving but Hydra awaits. 
    Hydra is a small car-free island recommended by my Sydney friend Kerrie. She and her husband sail over here and she told me it was a charming little island and isn’t far back to Athens. Everyone we’ve told about going to Hydra has told us it lovely so we can’t wait to get there.
    It was all fine timing to leave Oia, taxi to the airport, and then from Athens on to to Piraeus port. But with the luck of the Irish we did it. Connections! Our taxi driver in Oia recommended his friend in Athens. So remembering my good experience in a similar situation in Sicily serval years ago, trusted we would be looked after and not ripped off. 
    And it was magic. We landed early, and everything went like clockwork so thanks to our taxi driver Archimedes (or something like that) we are sitting on the 2pm fast ferry to Hydra and will be met by a donkey to transport our bags to the hotel we are staying in. Fingers crossed its as good as it sounds. 
    15 mins later ………
    Fingers crossed we get there. After stopping at Poros, a really green island, we rather regretted  not getting off – for 5 mins later there were scenes reminiscent of  Titanic without the band. But there is a crazy show on TV where the contestants are dancing in front of a weather map in short swirly dresses. The hydrocat swooping  and rolling and its like being  on a roller coaster (still is! Writing this is taking my mind off the dipping and rolling) a lady opposite me is vomiting into a bag and people are gasping ooh! arrh! at regular intervals. Ride em cowboy! A man who seems to know about the boat said the driver is going too fast for the current between islands. Where are the pirates when you need them! Aaarrrggghh!
    At first I was joking about us being able to swim the rest of the way but now it’s looking likely – and I haven’t got my fins on! Makes the plane ride, in the wind, more like a walk in the park. Steve is probably thinking I’m exaggerating but I’m ………….. Well maybe a little. It’s starting to settle and I can’t wait for my fourth form of transport today  – a donkey ride.  

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