Beaching Guernsey style


St Peters Port Guernsey.


Arriving in Guernsey.


Enjoying a lobster lunch


Beautiful bays with lots of rock pools to explore.


Umbrellas! No. Windbreaks? yes!


Around Guernsey on a bus: 

We had the morning in Jersey then headed off for Guernsey. The ferries only run certain days to the islands so it pays to check. Steve bought our tickets online and we were in club car! A bit like premium economy. It’s worth it as the ferries are busy this time of year. 

The safety message was the best ever heard. It was done as a rap between 3 characters. The Captain, purser and hostess. Very catchy, very funny. 

Guernsey is smaller than Jersey and has a lovely harbour full of sailing boats. It must have the most enormous tides. The harbours stone walls are very high and we saw the evidence of the tides when we left in the evening and lots of the moored boats were sitting on mud. 

After picking up a bus timetable we set off exploring the island. We’d heard that catching buses was the best way go. So onto the No. 92 going anti- clockwise round the island. First stop Pembroke Bay. It’s a wide bay and as the sun came out was beautiful. Blue water, pale sand, rocky backdrop and lots of coloured portable windbreaks. We take an umbrella to the beach here they take their own windbreak and deck chair! 

There was only 1 restaurant/ cafe so we snared a front table near the sea wall and enjoyed lobster salad for me and lobster club sandwich for Steve. Washed down with Rose. Yum

We watched the swimmers and Steve was a bit envious as he hadn’t brought his swimmers, thinking it was looking too overcast in the morning. Amazing how it warms up. We spotted two women wearing lolly pink caps, breast stroking from one side of the bay to the other. A long swim. We ate our whole lunch – about an hour – while they swam. We chatted to them as we made our way back to the bus stop for the next part of the ride around the island. They swim all year. Water temp 16 at the moment. Brave ladies. 

We continued getting on and off as the views struck us. A beer here, a walk there, a coffee, a chat  but still no ice cream. 

Arrived back late and tired. Settling into our new hotel listening to the jazz pianist downstairs in the courtyard. Very pleasant.