A slow Sunday in Strasbourg

The French slow down on Sundays. Everything is closed, so it’s all about eating,  drinking and meeting friends. No shops except the touristy ones. 

So I started with Mass in the Cathedral and it was so lovely and peaceful. I was so judgemental towards the tourists who thought they could just wander around! . Particularly the Asian variety who slipped through the barriers and wandered down the aisles taking photos. The ushers made quick work of getting rid of them so the 4 priests, several servers, the choir and someone dressed in what appeared to be a religious army uniform could get on with the Mass. 

 This photo was taken after the Mass finished! 

When I left the church there were a group of traditionally dressed people outside being accosted by a rather inappropriately dressed lady who insisted on a photo with them. See if you can spot the inappropriate outfit. I wonder who bought it for her!  Or perhaps it was her I her younger years. There is a resemblance. 

After all the singing – the head priest had a very good voice despite the amount of smoke being thrown around, it was time for coffee at a nearby coffee place. Believe me there is no shortage of places to eat and drink. It’s quite a touristy place here but you can escape the hordes as I did by crossing the river. 

Here’s the coffee I had. Ginetta and Wendy check out the sugars! One for each of you.  I was thinking of you both wishing you were here with me   
Then it was exploring time. I found:

The Sunday cyclists: John, Marg, Jenny, Andmc0 I was thinking of you

 Old postcards 
 Views from a bridge. The way to arrive for lunch 
More beautiful scenes  
And when I stopped for a gorgeous salad for lunch the guards arrived. Someone important was around. They moved off in a little group after about 1/2 hr 
After lunch I headed off for a tram ride to experience Sunday in a big park. Parc de l’Orangerie. Beautiful only half an hour after I got there  it started to rain! 

Back on a crowded train and I got off too early and had to walk further. So now in the hotel room writing and catching up before dinner and the concert. 

Enjoy your weekend I hope? 

Paris to Strasbourg

Oh my. I’m all alone. After all the wonderful company of the past few weeks now it’s just me. I had a lonely dinner last night where I had free wifi along with my Italian salad and wrote my previous blog. 

I slept late then walked as you do in Paris. The morning light was lovely on the river and I headed towards one if my favourite areas. The Marais. It’s always interesting. Great shopping. Great people watching. Just wandering. Anyone visiting Paris , this is a great place especially on a Sunday when most of the shops etc are closed on Sunday. I’d recommend the Carnavalet Museum. It tells the history of Paris and is in a wonderful building. 

It was a quick taxi to Gare de l’est and onto the TGV for. 2 hr 20 min ride to Strasbourg. I’m not sure what I expected from Strasbourg but I was delighted to find a really charming city dominated by its Cathedral which is celebrating the Millenium of its foundations. So it’s summer time , party time. 

All alone the streets near the Cathedral there are statues of people all doing everyday things 

 i even made some new friends

There are deck chairs and fountains to play in

And a light show each night. I thought I might have gone tonight but by 10.15 when it started I was too tired and headed for the hotel. I did go on a river cruise for an hour. It circles to old town and you can see the building from the 1600’s restored and looking beautiful. 

The boat ride was great. Full of German, French and Asians and I swear I was the only one listening to English commentary. The boat goes through two locks and it’s fun to travel along at a leisurely pace and see the wonderful buildings. As you move around the city you get to all the important buildings. The European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights. All very stylish new buildings. 

I was hoping to meet up with a friend of Jill Wilsons’.  But as it turns out this is a super busy week for them. Her husband is retiring this week! He’s been a Judge in the Eurpoean Court and his term is coming to an end. They are caught up with celebrations. So I doubt very much if she’ll have a minute to spare. It would have been interesting. 

I had a great dinner after coming off the boat cruise. It was at a Vietnamese restaurant ! It just looked so lovely and fresh and clean that I thought I’d give a different type of food a go. And was it delicious! Yes. I really wanted the rice paper rolls but thought it would be too much so settled for the prawns in a light curry sauce with vegetable. Yum. After all the frites it’s nice to have wok veggies. I got talking to the owner who was the only waiter. His mum was in the kitchen and they only have 30 seats and it appeared to be all booked out. So as he said to me ” you are lucky” I also had a lovely Pinot Gris.  I was lucky and I’m going back. ( I saw him in the street today and he remembered me!) 

So off to bed to plan the week. So much to choose from. Poor Steve will be sad to hear there is a trombone festival. I’ll go to the concert in the Cathedral for him 

I’m also planning Mass tomorrow – a music one. All sung 

A concert tomorrow night. 

A trip to Colmar on the train. Apparently a beautiful town. 

I booked a wine tour for the day. Small group of 8 visiting the Alsace wine areas doing a bit of tasting and visiting a couple of the charming villages and having lunch. Hope I get a nice group! It is in English so we’ll see! Also might take a train to Baden Baden in Germany if I have the energy! 


My new friends invited me to afternoon tea!