A slow Sunday in Strasbourg

The French slow down on Sundays. Everything is closed, so it’s all about eating,  drinking and meeting friends. No shops except the touristy ones. 

So I started with Mass in the Cathedral and it was so lovely and peaceful. I was so judgemental towards the tourists who thought they could just wander around! . Particularly the Asian variety who slipped through the barriers and wandered down the aisles taking photos. The ushers made quick work of getting rid of them so the 4 priests, several servers, the choir and someone dressed in what appeared to be a religious army uniform could get on with the Mass. 

 This photo was taken after the Mass finished! 

When I left the church there were a group of traditionally dressed people outside being accosted by a rather inappropriately dressed lady who insisted on a photo with them. See if you can spot the inappropriate outfit. I wonder who bought it for her!  Or perhaps it was her I her younger years. There is a resemblance. 

After all the singing – the head priest had a very good voice despite the amount of smoke being thrown around, it was time for coffee at a nearby coffee place. Believe me there is no shortage of places to eat and drink. It’s quite a touristy place here but you can escape the hordes as I did by crossing the river. 

Here’s the coffee I had. Ginetta and Wendy check out the sugars! One for each of you.  I was thinking of you both wishing you were here with me   
Then it was exploring time. I found:

The Sunday cyclists: John, Marg, Jenny, Andmc0 I was thinking of you

 Old postcards 
 Views from a bridge. The way to arrive for lunch 
More beautiful scenes  
And when I stopped for a gorgeous salad for lunch the guards arrived. Someone important was around. They moved off in a little group after about 1/2 hr 
After lunch I headed off for a tram ride to experience Sunday in a big park. Parc de l’Orangerie. Beautiful only half an hour after I got there  it started to rain! 

Back on a crowded train and I got off too early and had to walk further. So now in the hotel room writing and catching up before dinner and the concert. 

Enjoy your weekend I hope? 

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