It’s funny eating by yourself. 

I was off to a concert but needed dinner, so chose a place not far from the hotel and the Cathedral. When I arrived there were only 2-3 tables occupied. So he sits me on a long banquet, with six little tables,  next to the only other single person! A man. 

How embarrassing. He  looked not too exciting, in fact he looked a bit odd but I can’t really say why because I didn’t want to look at him. 

So I remained composed , but we stuck out like a sore thumb and for a change people looked ( when on your own you are often invisible), wondering if we were a couple at adjacent tables – not talking – only he was talking – to himself. I was very careful not to get eye contact in case he engaged me in conversation. When my meal arrived I heard a voice say ‘ Bon Appetit’ I snuck a quick look and said Merci. 

Thank goodness he didn’t speak English. Anyway it was a nice meal  – duck with veggies. 

I’m writing this to distract myself! 

Whoops , another couple have arrived as I’m leaving. Hope they don’t think I’m with this strange man! 

It’s now after the concert and the saga continued. 

When I left the restaurant to walk in the drizzle to the cathedral, my strange dinner companion came walking past me! He was on his way to the concert. We took a slightly different route but I arrived at the door just behind him. “Please don’t see me ” I thought, but he engaged the doorman in some conversation that had only him laughing and I snuck I behind him. The cathedral was almost 3/4 full and the concert was great. 

It was an ensemble called Balthasar. There were 10 male and 6 female singers. 2 violinists , 4 cellists, 3 trombones, a sax and an oboe. Unusual mix but absolutely perfect sound in the lovely cathedral. The conductor a Frenchman, a lookalike for Robbie Williams,  in a beautifully fitting suit was fascinating to watch.  Only problem was it went on with no break for 1 1/2 hrs. 

It ran up to 10pm so then I went outside for the 10.15pm light show. Unlike Bayeux where the show was on the trunk of a huge tree this one was on the whe side of the cathedral. It was wonderful. It reconstructed the building of the cathedral. Wonderful. 

This photo doesn’t do it justice. It was beautiful. It had figures climbing scaffolding, bricks falling, mosaics being installed. 

So I staggered home with my blistered toe just before 11 

Off to Colmar tomorrow. 

My view in the restaurant with the stranger on my left. 

Might have take away tomorrow ! 

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