A big day out

Off we went to Cadiz at 8 in the morning. OMG. They are only returning from the nightclub /  bars at 7 and there we were going to the bus stop at 8. But arriving in Cadiz at 9.30 for breakfast, in a  beautiful plaza we knew we’d made the right decision. We were there with Lisa and John , Jordan’s parents, after a big night out at “puncamama.” It’s a bar / restaurant/ pool party/ rave.

We had mojto. You know the song. 1 mojito 2 mojiti 3 mojito , floor. Well it was a bit like that. So it was hard to get up at 7 to get the bus at 8. I nearly piked but I’m glad I didn’t. It’s a lovely small city with lots to see and surrounded by water.

We walked all day as Lisa’s fitbit counted the steps. Easily 10,000 + steps. We had a few stops for refreshments , and  lunch at a tapas bar. With Sangria. I have nothing but admiration for Steve who has an eye problem and a really swollen hand after the epic swim to Africa.  But a beer or Sangria always help.

We got back to Tarifa round 6 then had drinks on  the  terrace at 7 with the swimmers before Rob, Jordan and Cameron  got back from Granada. Then dinner and drinks.

We signed photos, shirts, maps. We hugged and cried and promised to meet for another swim.

It’s amazing how you bond with people you swim with. They are strong,  focused,  committed, but so different. Gay Chris from London, Dan from LA , a legend of invention who loves to surf : brothers Ben and Chris. Then the Aussies. Steve, Rob and Cameron. And not forgetting beautiful Yves. It’s a memorable time. Very bonding.

It’s time to say farewell TL the next adventure.

But the holiday adventures continue – but now just the kids, the parents and us.   Not forgetting Cameron.

Tomorrow’s the last day   Can’t believe it.

Day in Tangiers. Morocco

  Some of the group thought it would be a good idea to visit Morocco by boat instead of swimming. So I found a man in the little shop nearby who happened to run private day tours. His name is Aziz Saint Laurent – as in the fashion designer ! 

So as the swim was off we headed off on the 10am ferry. Not with out drama though, Yves and Dan were coming with us and as they  had been out on the party scene last night ( with Cameron and Rob )they  were more than a little tired. Yves just made the ferry but Dan missed it and had to get the second one at 12. 

We were met with Mr Saint Lauent himself who promptly told us he was No 1 guide in Morroco. He was quite a character and one of the first stops was one of the oldest more palatial hotels in Tangiers. Hanging on the walls were photos of the famous people who had stayed there,  so when we spotted Yves Saint Laurent it was the perfect photo opportunity. Aziz jumped at the chance for a photo with himself and Yves in front of the photo so we had Yves Saint Laurent! 

We visited a beautiful cafe, full of locals all sipping on their mint tea. It was somewhat different to see women there. Often it is just men out sitting in cafes. But these days women are getting out and about. Many still in head scarves. 

We continued the tour into the Casbar. The Casbar is the old fort And couldn’t stop singing the song. You know it.  Go on sing it now!!!!!

Then onto the Medina the living working area ,  where we had the obligatory trip to the carpet place and the plates, lamps and odds and sods things. The carpet show was particularly spectacular. It involved a man talking about the carpets and another man waving them around like they were magic carpets! They tried had for a sales but our group were impervious to their suggestions. 

Lunch was in rather nice restaurant overlooking Tangiers and involved tangines and couscous.

We wandered the alley ways of the medina trying to look like locals, unsuccesfully – and had a few attempts at engaging with the locals. i think they are weary of the low spending tourist like us. but Aziz our trusty guide persisted until I said. ” no more please. we are not spenders”

We detoured to the beach and marvelled at the way they dont care for their public spaces like we do ! the beaches were long and open and could only be reached by long sets of stairs. Some of the group decided on a camel ride. Poor camels i say!
We didnt get back to Tarifa till about 9.30. We’re developing into locals with the times we are arriving at dinner.

So after a long day of sight seeing , we arrived back to the wharf at about 9.15. Is that too late for dinner I hear you ask? apparently not.