Our walk to Montmatre


  Past the meringue……. 
Through the passages……..  
Smell the flowers  

 Spot a bride  

Lust after the Rose  

Admire Moulin Rouge

 Drink the wine. Eat the food.  

Admire the view  
 Smile contentedly  
  Leave the Teressa Hotel and Restaurant behind me as I roll down the hill. A lovely afternoon

Paris: sigh! Walking the streets of Paris. 

You all know I love Italy …….. But Paris tests my love for that other great city. Roma!  

We arrived later than we thought and found our little hotel with its lovely but little rooms. This time I choose Hotel St Honore in Rue Honore near Rue Rivoli and Les Halles. It’s very nice in this area and quite convenient to lots of things. 

We walked around having our first drink near the Seine,  then found a not too bad restaurant and had a nice meal but I’m over frittes. Still the wine from Burgundy was lovely. I had tried to book a few restaurants before we left home but quite a few of the smaller ones are closed for the holidays. Disappointing. I’ll have to come again! 

We slept well in our little shoe box ( big by Paris standards) but small compared with our lovely riad in Tarifa. We’re also missing the company! 

We had our usual breakfast. Though not much for me ! It sucks being gluten free when they offer bread and pastries. Sometimes I have eggs but not this morning. Juice and coffee! 

Then off we set. We walked and walked. Up Rue Montgrueil with its markets and delicious food shops 

  along the coveted passages, finding Paris’ only gluten free bakery called Noglu. I think I’ll franchise it. I bought a small brioche. 

Noglu tarts. Yum!

The Galleries La Fayette. Gorgeous but so expensive! I did receive a new watch from Steve. Thank you Stevie. Mine got water in it and the glass fell out. I got another Skagen. It’s got a white face this time. Lovely. Thanks 

This beautiful ‘Grand Magazine’  – Department store is mostly serving Asian  tourists. On the designer floors they were the only shoppers we could spot. 

I also bought some sandals. Mephistos. Very comfy. 

We walked all the way to lunch. I had booked Terasse. It’s a small roof top restaurant above a very smart hotel in Monmartre. It was great. Lovely views of the Eiffel Tower and great food. 

  Gravlax. Yum.   
Delicious fish and sweet potato three ways. No FRITTES! 

Combined with lovely wine and a happy lunch companion. It was lovely. 

We then walked most of the way back down to Rue Rivoli and I bought my tickets for the train to Strasbourg. 

We walked along the Seine and I was sad Steve was leaving. 

Tomorrow I pack and cart my bag in my own to Gard Est bound for Strasbourg.