Train Journeys

Ive recovered from last night, the non dinner companion man, the never ending music, the late light show and a few blisters. Ready for more today………

I was going to stay in Strasbourg but the weather fined so I hot footed it to the station and caught the train to Colmar a half hour away. It’s reportedly a gorgeous Alsace town and fairly central in the wine region. Hope it quieter being a Monday and overcast. 

I’ve been enjoying the wine. This is a white area. Mostly Reislings and Pinot Gris. I’m looking forward to learning more tomorrow as I’ve booked whole day wine tour. Small group of 8 in a van. This could be interesting. Lots of different people. Hope they are interesting. It’s English speaking so probably Aussies and English. Maybe American. 

I arrived in Colmar and walked the 12 mins or so through a lovely park to the Centre Ville. 

Then it started to rain and the Tourist Office had moved to another unsign posted place so I jumped on the little train. Yes I was amongst the old , worn out, young and wet people. In my little row there were the only other English speakers. An older couple from Canada. They thought I was English and I thought they were American. So we corrected ourselves and got along well. He was interesting because he told me he’d designed and driven a solar panel car in the first race across Australia in 1990. He was from Vancouver University. Most interesting. 

The little tour was a good orientation to a beautiful town. If you haven’t been to this region I really would advise it. It’s beautiful, good food, great wine, easy to get around and close to Germany to be able to get there as well. 

There is a charming Little Venice complete with boat ride. Too wet for most though. 

I walked back in the rain to the station only to get splashed by a car driving through a puddle. Shame on you French driver. 

At the station I went into the ticket office and booked a ticket to Baden Baden in Germany. Going there on Wednesday. Hope the weather clears. I haven’t been into Germany for ages so a little taste will be a treat. 

Back to hotel for R&R then Out to dinner. I can’t wait for the Vietnamese restaurant to open tomorrow night. Tonight a very quick meat and veg at a busy cafe near the carousel. Tonight I took my book! 
Tomorrow the wine tour. 

Who can guess what this is a statue of? It’s a copy of a famous one. 

4 thoughts on “Train Journeys

  1. Looks lovely. I went back to work today and it was painful! 3 hours to get through my emails. I envy your continued holiday! Your blog is helping to extend our wonderful vacation!


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