Ramblin’ through Nuawlins

We are recovering from the exciting times in Santa Barbara and got out the door a little earlier this morning.

We strolled along Magazine Street looking for a new coffee experience.

I can recommend this area. When you have 5 nights or more you can move away from the frantic pace of somewhere like the French Quarter and experience something more – in this case a very attractive suburb a short bus ride or Uber away from the mad action.

But before today let me tell you about our night of Jazz!

Last night we made it to Frenchman’s Street which is not as so ‘ in your face’ as Bourbon St. And the Jazz is supposed to be better.

We ate at Marigny (my salad was delicious as was my cucumber Cosmo) with ‘Chelsey’ our waitress, another ‘hello sugar’ type of girl. The band was good – trumpet, trombone (to Stephen’s delight!), guitar, percussion with lots of oomph!

Later we walked along the street, calling in at different bars and catching some jazz, searching the street market and loving the street band which had everyone hopping!

I love s bit of street dancing. It took me back to Valparaiso last year where I hit the streets dancing.

One last bar, one last drink and we went home. We had another day to face!

Today, Following coffee we strolled the garden streets zig zagging our way to the famous LaFayette Cemetery. The homes in this area are so beautiful. I could easily move into one.

The cemetery is not big but dates back to the early 1800’s and ‘houses’ some of the wealthy families of that time. Many of those buried here died of yellow fever in the 1800’s. Many little children.

It’s not particularly well cared for but has a good feel about it. There was a lovely monument to the firemen.

We strolled thru (or is that through?) the gates and along to a beautiful bookshop. There were lots of familiar titles and seemed cheaper than home – mind you by the time you add tax and convert against Aus $ it’s not much cheaper anymore.

The same with the food in restaurants. Seems cheaper but by the time you add tax and then the ‘suggested’ tip of 18% or 20% or 25%, it’s not that cheap.

A ride on a tramcar is another NOLA must. So we took the #13 to ‘ the end of the line’ through the Garden area along St Charles Street – which happens to be the route for the Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras is big here. We even passed Mardi Gras World on the bus tour a few days ago.

The homes along this route are magnificent including the Loyola University, Tulane University and numerous catholic schools where – unlike the state schools – the children wear a uniform.

Back to have lunch at the famous Commander’s Palace restaurant only to be told they were full! So a light lunch was probably a better idea!

Then it was Museum time. Steve was very keen to visit the WW2 (huge) Museum. He was missing Peter H who was supposed to be here with us and would have enjoyed it with him. I decided I wasn’t wanting to see another war museum and would rather art galleries- – and there are lots to choose from.

So off we went in different directions.

Here’s Steves account of the Museum.

A very handsome and modern museum, very well curated with great use of technology and personal insights. You could tell by the reaction of the (mainly American) visitors that it was opening their eyes. I didn’t have time for part of it (return on Friday?) – to see the Boeing sponsored aircraft hall and the building on technology in the war (I also had trouble locating the building covering 1939 to the end of 1942, if you get my drift).

So Steve’s afternoon went well as did mine.

Tonight dinner at a FRENCH restaurant , Lilette across the road from our air bnb.

Tomorrow a bus out to Plantation Alley to visit a grand house.

5 thoughts on “Ramblin’ through Nuawlins

  1. Sounds like you’re experiencing Southern hospitality of which Nawlins has its own brand. I FB Messaged you a referral to a store i-believe it’s called Saturday market.


  2. N.O. (Circa 1981) was my favourite city we visited on our US trip and I’m sure the feel of it hasn’t changed all that much – fantastic..
    Ahhh those beautiful homes with stunning gardens!


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