All that Jazz

Here in New Orleans or Nuawlins it’s all about Jazz – when it’s not about food and cocktails!

It really is a place for music lovers, young and old.

There is jazz morning and night. Most good. Some great and last night we had some great jazz.

We started with a lovely French dinner at Lilette a very good restaurant across the road. I really do like this Magazine street vibe.

We started with a cocktail- for STEVE a rather powerful one with Mexcal a rather potent tequila type drink! More later!!!!!

Then a mad Uber dash to Frenchman’s Street. I think I mentioned already that the best jazz is found there. You can visit any bar for free jazz as long as you buy one drink per set. So as you make your from club to club you could do some damage.

I bought tickets to a show where the average age of the musicians was around 70. But boy what experience they had. It was spellbinding.

We went to Snug Harbour in Frenchman’s St and behind the small bar & restaurant there is private intimate room. Seating 35 at small tables downstairs and 20 at balcony seats it was just perfect.

The show opened with sax player Charlie who was so cute but could sure blow that sax.

Then we heard George French on the bass. He was one cool cat.

Here’s a sample of what they played. It was wonderful. The timing, the phrasing the sound. All magic.

Charlie Gabriel sax

I get jealous

George French bass

Black magic.

Germaine Basil. Vocals

Almost like being in love

I thought about you

Exactly liky you

In a groove Mary had a little lamb

First you say you will

Everyday I get the blue

Germaine had to be helped up the stage stairs by the youngest member of the group – the pianist. But once there she came alive and jigged and crooned and held us

The drummer was having fun and it showed.

So if you are coming to NOLA it is worth booking something special. These guys had so much experience and such a love of their craft it was intoxicating. Literally ………..

in Steve’s case, as he had two rum punch drinks and felt like he’d been punched. He was so funny coming home in the Uber. Made no sense – except to himself!

5 thoughts on “All that Jazz

  1. You sure know (and like) your Jazz. My question to you is, “Did Steve eat the worm that usually accompanies Mezcal?” Glad to see you are doin’ it up right.


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