Across the top of Tasmania

Our accommodation in Bridport was excellent. Our host left the ingredients for a very good breakfast. So we enjoyed bbq bacon & eggs.

The sun was out so we cruised along the beaches. I love the big boulders covered with lichen.

We took the road towards Launceston. The countryside is a picture. Green and lush with model cows and sheep with their babies jumping around them.

We crossed the Batman Bridge and followed the road toward Grindelwald. We wanted to stop at Turner Still-house. The owner Justin Turner is from Lodi, Californian – where our daughter in law comes from.

It’s an impressive gin distillery and like many businesses have struggled during covid. Justin made us very welcome and Brett, his distiller gave us a great tasting. It may have been only 10.30 but the hot gin toddy was a perfect substitute for coffee.

The still is from Portland in the US.

We enjoyed our visit very much.

We headed into Grindelwald which has a resort modelled on a Swiss village. A little strange really.

There was hardly a person around.

Back into the car toward Penguin.

We arrived to a pretty town festooned in blue. Their local footy team has made the Tasmania finals. Go Penguin.

Naturally there are little Penguins all over town. It’s a lovely seaside place with mosaics, great public seating and a beach that would be great if it weren’t 12 degrees.

Unfortunately the Penguin market is only on Sundays now.

The weather was deteriorating, so back into the car for the final leg of our journey to Stanley.

Out for a seafood dinner. I had Abalone for the first time. It was cooked in lemon & butter. Not bad at all! I also had some scallops. Steve had crayfish. Hard work but worth it.

Our accommodation is a little house right by the sea. Cosy but not as good as our last stop. As long as it’s warm.

Tomorrow we explore Stanley and go to Marrawah & The Edge of the World!

3 thoughts on “Across the top of Tasmania

  1. Grindelwald – well what do you know ! I must look for it next time we are there. One of our favourite places in Switzerland. And I read the Gin place as three guts gin which made me laugh. x M


  2. Thanks for stopping in and saying, “Hey”, to the Lodi boy. The extent of my Biology 101 remembrance: “Alice Algae and Freddy Fungus took a lichen to each other”. Love all the enthusiasm for penguins. Stay warm and carry on.


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