Exploring North West Tasmania

Over night there was the heaviest rain I’ve heard for awhile. Our little house is right by the water and it felt snug to be inside and warm.

Our cottage accommodation in Stanley
Looking out our bedroom window- a veggie garden and the water.

After breakfast we drove up the Main Street which is lined with lovely heritage cottages and businesses.

The street was featured in the movie based on the book. The Light Between the Oceans.

We continued our drive up hill to Highfields House. It was built in 1826 by convict labour under the watchful eye of Edward Curr, chief agent of Van Diemen’s Land Company. His wife had 15 children! Poor lady.

The house was in great disrepair but has gradually undertaken a restoration. It’s a great example of Regency architecture.

From this to ……

It’s on a magnificent site and tells of the history of the house and the Van Diemen’s Land Company.

Down the hill, but not before stopping for a photo view of the town and The Nut – which is the remains of an ancient volcanic plug with a large, mostly flat surface that can be circumnavigated on foot. It’s very imposing and these days when the weather is good you can take a chair lift to the top!

We stopped at Smithton for coffee and enjoyed the towns Street Art.

Then it was off to Arthur River and The Edge of the World. it’s located in the Arthur River reserve.

This place is in quite a remote part of western Tasmania. Today it’s wild and windy & arriving at the car park you walk along a boardwalk and out to the edge.

It is wild & windy

There is a plaque there with a poem written by a local.

The waves are crashing, the wind howling and it doesn’t feel very safe for any water craft. There are lots of timber logs crashing against the rocks.

If you sailed straight out from here the next land you would meet would be Argentina!

With the timber debris behind me.

Driving back through intermittent rain and sunshine we hoped that it would be fine back in Stanley.

The landscape is green. Rolling hills, lots of healthy looking dairy cattle and sheep.

A kelp farm. It’s dried and used as fertiliser

There are cattle on the road

You must give way to cattle.

Lots of little wild flowers along the way. It’s beautiful even without the sun.

Arriving back in Stanley Steve & I got out at the top of Main Street and walked back to our little cottage.

We popped into Providore 24 which was crammed full of Tasmanian products. Both edible & wearable. I bought some lovely pink gloves.

Next stop – the old bank which now houses a small bar which occupies those who don’t want to browse the clothes racks.

The street scape looks like a movie set. Which it actually was for the film all the Light Between the Oceans.

There are little signs outside many of the houses describing the history of the house.

Thoroughly enjoying our rather cool walk we were happy to get home just before the rain started again.

It’s nice on holidays to have a sitting area to enjoy a glass of wine before heading off for dinner.

Tonight we braved very heavy rain to get to the hotel – one of two places to eat in Stanley. It was busy !

I kept to my seafood theme and had a scallop pie with vegetables. delicious.

Tomorrow we farewell Stanley and head to Strahan.

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