A Funny Night Out

Just had to quickly share our dinner tonight. 

We were feeling a little tired so didn’t want to go far from our hotel,  so checked out the restaurant nearby. It was Portuguese. So in we go and a very nice man welcomed us. Turns out he’s  Portuguese and told us there are up to 15,000 Portuguese living on Jersey! 

The food was good and reminded me of our New Year in Portugal,  the year we spent Christmas with Pete and Rob in Lisbon then travelled around the country. We had New Year in a small place called Viseu. I had one of their kebab type thing which comes out on a big skewer on a big hanging frame. Tonight I ordered the same thing. See the photo 


Portuguese skewer.

Just as the waiter was bringing it out,  the door to the small restaurant opened and in walked a fully kitted up Policeman ( police station is just up the road ). He walks in and nearly bumped the waiter carrying this deadly looking skewer ( see skewer with chicken on it ! ) . Mr Policeman sidesteps,  then knocks over a chair. Everyone looked. He apologised and the waiter , who by this time was at our table with the skewer replied. “Anymore of that and I’ll call the Police”. Well everyone just broke up! The Policeman laughed then asked for the order he’d phoned in from the station. When it wasn’t ready he said he’d have to report him if it wasn’t ready soon and now he wanted extra chips. Policeman left and returned 15 mins later to a small round of applause. 

Police like good Portuguese food as well !

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