Day in Cadiz

What a great time we had today with Lisa and John in Cadiz. We set off in the early morning light not long after the last of the towns party goers were making their way home! It took 1 -1/2 hrs in a comfortable coach to get there and we arrived to lots of blue water and shining sun. 

Cadiz is on a peninsula and is set out in barrio of small street and lots of green parks with fountains. It’s easy to walk around and they are well set up for tourists, supplying you with a walking tour map with 4 colour coded walks around the town. The colour is then painted on the footpath and you can follow along if you want. 

The architecture is amazing. Quite decorative but not too over the top. 

We stopped along the way for refreshments. 

and tapas. 

The markets were clean and bright and full of life. These Spainards are an entertaining lot. 

We headed back to Tarifa for our last night on the town. Last dinner with great friends. Rob and Jordan had returned from Granada and we had a last drink with Dan, Chris and Paul. Beautiful Yves had left during the day to meet up with Francesco our lovely Italian guide from last year. They are doing a swim trekking adventure in Greece. What a life Yves has 


 Yves with Dan. 

So it’s with sadness we bid our friends farewell. 


Chris Masek, Dan Garr, Yves Watt and Ben Masek crossed in 5 hr 40 min. 

Steve , Rob, Cameron Votan and Chris Gretch crossed in 4 Hr 40. Might effort. 

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