Change of Pace in HK

  Oh boy. Overload. I arrived in HK at 6.05 and made my streamlined way to a hotel I booked on the island. I usually stay in the Salisbury ( former YMCA- singalong!) I decided I had a whole day to explore but like having a room to come and go from when it’s s late flight. Next time I’m back to the Salisbury. It’s right next door to the Peninsular. It has classy neighbours. Has views, is near a huge shopping centre….. Where I was had no where you could easily walk to but offered shuttle buses. Now there’s a story! 

Also the island feels s little disjointed. Or it did to me. Very spread out and big roads to cross. I like the feeling on Kowloon. 

Anyway I got to the hotel at 7.45am via express train and said shuttle bus. They upgraded me to a suite! For a day! Very …… Chinese. 


Two rooms in a lovley shade of purple

 I showered and thought I have a nap but that didn’t work so I got the shuttle down to explore Causeway Bay. It’s very bright and shiney and most shops were closed, so I went to Victoria Park for a walk and mixed with all the amahs – the nannies of the working rich. It’s their traditional day off on Saturday so as they have no home to return to they meet in the parks. Most are  from the Phillapines so they hang together in the parks. They do each other’s hair, paint nails, laugh, eat buns of some description,  it’s so interesting to watch.  

Lovely park with the nannies in view

By now I was pretty hungry. I only had a banana for breakfast on the plane because everything was flour- pancakes, frittata, Bircher muesli. So I  had to wait for the breakfast places to finish so I could have lunch. I didn’t want a hotel buffet and the local restaurants were jam packed with locals. So I found a place on’Eat Street’ and they did smaller dishes of ‘street food’. I had some satay and a a delicious soft shell crab salad. Yum. Washed down with a mojito. Non alcoholic. 

So after lunch I wandered the shops but they are either high end labels or slightly tacky local shops. Was looking for Chinese pjs for Clare’s little Jack and Zali but couldn’t find them before my energy ran out. Next time! 

Streets scenes here are fascinating. Especially when it rains which it did. And the noise of Jack hammers. They must be rebuilding everything. 

Back to the hotel to enjoy my suite before showering again for the flight home. The traffic looked bad so I got the early shuttle which was late and so crowded with our bags piled high. I regretted not getting a taxi to the express train which is great. 

So now sitting in the lounge sipping a bubble or two looking forward to seeing everyone and feeling very blessed. Seeing my sister in Sydney tomorrow for her grandchildren’s 1st and 2nd joint birthday party. Steve’s flying to Sydney so we return home Monday. Rob and Jordan have been messaging in transit from Singapore and Pete and El are in Cambodia. The only ones working at the moment. 

Watching planes come and go with names like Wow, Scoot, Polar, Skid, and feel pleased to be flying good old Qantas. 

See you soon friends 



One thought on “Change of Pace in HK

  1. Oh dear.
    Now you are at home I will miss your blog.
    Really loved them, made me laugh each day.
    Very hot here & no interesting travel blog……yet.
    Customs & water police in Naphlion yesterday.
    Hosing & cleaning Nausicaa today.
    Looks so much better. Probably will not put boat in water until sept 1.
    It is just too hot!
    I have already had way too much sun, even though wearing appropriate clothes.
    I am loving being away & so enjoying the food.
    We eat late, up early & back to rest by 4pm.
    Enjoy your time with Catherine.


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