Quiet Day

Around the middle of the day  the nurse asked how he was feeling and Pete replied with his usual smile. ‘It’s the best day ever’ the nurse giggled and he corrected himself and said ‘ since I came to hospital’. 

He had a good nights sleep, woke up feeling quite good and continued to doze all day. He needed to catch up on sleep and start to heal. 

The epidural continues to work and allow him rest. 

We bought him a roller massage glove and El gave him a beautiful massage on his legs and back. He loved it. Staying on his back is taking its toll. 

Steve got jealous so I gave him a back massage then gave El a long massage. Her back, shoulders, legs and head. She really relaxed and she really deserved to. 

Then Camilla arrived. She’s a gorgeous Swiss girl living in PP with Randy,  a lovely Australian guy, a journalist, who helped Steve in PP. 

The day passed and then it was 4.30 and they came for Peter for his next operation. This one was to clean and assess the wound. To see about circulation. 

Nurses and El checking machines

Peter left happy and we hoped he would return happy. He did. Not singing. This time jiggling his legs, to get the circulation going, so he said! 

To pass the 3 hours he was gone,  we went to the Marriott Hotel’s 48 th floor open air bar to have a cocktail and watch the sun set. A little R&R was much needed,  but when we’re away from him we miss him. So we mostly chatted about him telling funny stories and wishing he was with us. 

Bangkok sunset

So today a quiet day 

Tomorrow we meet the doctors to hear about today’s cleaning and assessing,  perhaps moving closer to a decision about toes and flying home. 

Thanks for your ongoing messages of support. 

11 thoughts on “Quiet Day

  1. Dear Fran,
    You are such a wonderful Mum. Keep smiling when you can.
    Sending our love & prayers to you all.
    Pete has fantastic love & support .
    Love to you
    Petrina xx oo


  2. You all deserve a good day Fran,Mao,pleased to hear Pete is in good spirits – and I hope your discussions today are successful … Sending you all love and prayers ♥️


  3. Ahhh …….the magic of medication! What a relief Pete has an epidural to make his life a little easier and therefore for all of you.
    I hope todays news is good, you all deserve it so much.


  4. So good to hear Pete’s had a better day and isn’t he fortunate to be part of such a loving family. You’re doing great work Fran!  My best wishes to you allLynette


  5. Dear Fran ,

    We have just arrived back from Perth, and I have just read your email. I’m so sorry to hear you are having such a dreadful time. I hope Pete continues to improve, and you will be able to get him back to Brisbane as soon as possible. Let me know if I can help in any way. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



  6. Ok – a less than awful day is a better day- please let there be more of them!
    Thanks for your updates Fran- you are always in our thoughts.
    “I wonder how Pete is doing today” has become our mantra !


  7. Great to hear a more positive report today about Pete & the epidural that is giving him relief from pain . He is so lucky to have El & such a supportive family with him.
    Our prayers are with you all . Pauline, Brian & family . XXXX


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