Another quiet day

This is what we like.

Quiet days.

Pete is of course finding being in bed all day rather awful.

He likes his Physio.

Long chats with doctor. General health better which is good.

Things are stable.Looking to get seats in direct flight to Brisbane. 

Feel a bit like marking time but Pete is feeling stronger and is a better colour.

Cant wait to get home.

6 thoughts on “Another quiet day

  1. So pleased that things are starting to be a lot “quiter at the moment .Peter having more control of his pain management cracking a few jokes and peaceful rests is a welcome sign! You are all very strong and hopefully a return to Brisbane will be the next positive step on his road to recovery ! We think of you every day .Love G and Sxxxx


  2. Pleased to hear you are closer to returning to Brisbane. That day will be a big relief for you all. Must tell you Fran….Far from your mind I know….but Adfas was wonderful last Thursday. X


  3. better news today
    Hope all goes well for the return to aus
    Keeping fingers crossed
    On a completely different note- just paid 600 for Bruce Springsteen tickets- am I losing my mind?????!!!!!


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