Peter had another clean out and assessment. We feel we’re marking time.

Another mishap when the IV line with pain relief came out , which we hadn’t realised until Pete’s pain increased. Grrr.

He went off to theatre feeling pain and returned ok,  still sleepy.

Decision today on flights. They are proving hard to get. Looks like to get a direct flight to Brisbane he will need to sit in a normal business seat for take off and landing before turning it into a flat bed.

We’re assessing that today. Hope he can so we can get going in few days.

Poor Pete is keen to get home and start the rest of the big operations.

Hope for further good news.

3 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Hope you get the OK for the flight home soon although it gives ME the heeby geebies thinking of Pete sitting up for take off and learning, let alone all of you! I presume he will have a medical person with him?
    You will all feel sooo much better once you are home and more confident of the best treatment.
    Good luck.


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