Preparing for Home

Life in the hospital is getting a little bit the same. We feel like we are marking time. 

Then the Physio arrived with a wheelchair. Pete was very happy to do his exercises and then prepare for his first sit in the chair. 

He got in just fine – lucky he’s strong. But he needed his leg out and supported. So he and Steve worked out a plan , put it to the Physio and then he was comfortable – leg out. 

Off he went for his first upright tour of the ward. Everyone clapped. Pete felt confident for tomorrow’s airport trip. Pain wasn’t too bad – the drugs are working as they should. 

So tomorrow another clean and inspection of the foot and wound. Then a sleep for us all. 

Off to the airport by 9 for a midnight flight. 

Steve leaves at 8pm flying through Singapore . Just no seats available on our Thai flight for him. 

Looking forward to returning and Pete is keen to watch the AFL final. 

Just hope they have worked out which hospital we will go to ! 

See you all soon. 

7 thoughts on “Preparing for Home

  1. What a fantastic brave young man. I hope the trip home is comfortable for Pete. What amazing support & love he is surrounded with. Love & prayers to you all.
    Petrina .xxoo


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