Oh What a Wonderful World 

Today travelled out of beautiful little Ljubljana through lush countryside and arrived in Paradise.

I’d heard good things about Lake Bled but it is just so beautiful I’m short of words to describe it! and the weather is glorious.

We got off the bus after a 50 min easy coach ride and walked around the corner and down a little hill to the most beautiful view of the lake. And there was our accommodation. Close to the bus, opposite a park falling down a gentle slope to the lake.

The only downside is we don’t have a view of the lake from our apartment. But who wants to be in the apartment – as lovely as it is? We arrived too early to enter the apartment so left our bags and took ourselves off for a walk.

Lake Bled is a lake in the Julien Alps in the NW of Slovenia. It is 2.1km long and 1.4km at it widest. It has a small island, and on the island is a beautiful church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. The church has a tower which stands tall across the lake.

Steve swimming with the beautiful church behind him

Bled also has a castle perched atop a steep cliff about 100 m above the lake. Talk about dramatic.

We will visit the castle tomorrow.

We stopped lake side for a salad and healthy juice as we  planned an afternoon swim. We did share one the famous Lake Bled Crema pastries – like a vanilla slice.

Note the 2 spoons. We shared.

After checking in to our very cute clean apartment we headed off in swimmers to the beach and boatshed. Lifesaver Steve decided we should row across the lake to the island and have a swim. There is a lido where for 6 euro you can get access to a large roped off area of the lake with inflatable things, a slide, some pontoons and lots of lawn to stretch our on.

We hired a boat. And off we – well Steve – rowed. I gave navigational directions!

We got to the little island in good time and tied up in one of the parking spots and joined some of the swimmers jumping off the dock. Unlike the jumpers who just jumped then climbed back we head off for a swim around the island. It was , according to Steve’s fancy swimmers watch, 750 m and we did it in 15 mins. So not too far! And it was delightful. Water temp was good and it was so clean and clear.

I had a little row coming back so Steve could take another short swim with the church behind him.

After our swim and returning the boat we lazed on the grass beside the lake and read and people watched. There are lots of people around but it doesn’t feel crowded. Some nice family groups with small children. We watched the little boats coming and going from the church island. It’s actually a little reminiscent of last year’s stay in Perast Montenegro where there was a similar church island in the bay.

Cute boats transport people. Rather plain hotel in the back ground.

We were having a little lie down and a nap when we heard snorting! Eyes opened to see a little horse grazing nearby. A man had  horse on a lead and was letting him graze –  then every now and then a small child would wander up and he’d offer a ride.

So now it’s time to shower and change for dinner. We haven’t quite decided where to go tonight. Probably somewhere with a view on the menu!

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