Looking up and down in Ljubljana 

Today we walked and walked and saw things and ate!

We started with coffee downstairs at “our cafe”. Then we walked to the Tivoli garden. They are huge and green and had the best outdoor photographic exhibition about Ljubljana in the past and Ljubljana now.

We visited the National Museum. Some great exhibitions particularly the current one on musical instruments from the past.

We kept walking…….. and looked up and down. The buildings have unique decorations and I love them. So I have collected some of my favourites.

This one is a bell!

A beautiful crown

Looking down on Ljubljana from the castle

Looking up the spiral staircase in the castle

The top of the neighbourhood church

Looking down from the castle clock tower. Our apartment is up behind the water fountain.

Looking up from the boat we toured the river on.

Looking down on my octopus salad.

Looking up at the little boy examining the lovers’ locks on the bridge.

Looking down from the clock tower into the castle courtyard where they are setting up for the first film of the summer season.

Looking up at the funicular rails to the castle top.

Looking down at the paddlers on the river in the afternoon light.
It’s been amazing here in Ljubljana. So restful but full of sights and sounds. And wonderful food

9 thoughts on “Looking up and down in Ljubljana 

  1. Beautiful blue skies Fran and I love your photo of the spiral staircase. I think this needs to be a future travel destination – 2018?


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