Zagreb. A surprising capital city

It’s funny how a few hours of travel  can move you from one world to the next.

We had our last breakfast together then bid goodbye to the last of our swim trek friends.

Much hugging and exchanging of emails and promises of meeting up again. And we will definitely catch up.

The ferry ride back to Zadar took about 20 minutes – and we all decided we’d rather like to swim the crossing – “only” 3 km.

Then to the bus station and onto the bus for Zagreb. The buses here are great. Only 13 euro and free wifi!

We were in Zagreb by 2.49 and booked into the Palace Hotel. It’s a big old hotel with some lovely public spaces.

We dumped the bags and went to find some late lunch. The hotel is opposite a park that runs several blocks from the train station up to the old town.

The parks are beautiful. We crossed into them and found a bandstand with great music – recorded – and little food stalls all around with different types of tables & chairs.

We had a good snack. Steve particularly liked his deer sausage!

Then we started wandering the streets looking up and down.

The skies turned grey making walking easy.

The buildings are a mix of old decorated buildings, plain communist style buildings, ones covered with painted claddings hiding the renovations, and some rather garish modern buildings.

We bought our train tickets for the journey to Budapest on Sunday.

Then we planned our day tomorrow and our dinner tonight!

2 thoughts on “Zagreb. A surprising capital city

  1. My husband and I were delightfully surprised by the charm of Zagreb. It is much more Austro – Hungarian looking than the Dalmatian coast which is Venetian. If your travel schedule permits, take a side trip to Plitvice Lakes National Park. Stunning aqua waters & hiking trails. More importantly-continue having a great time!


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