Morning swim: Saturday 

We headed to the beach this morning which means a walk from our hotel down a zig zag path surrounded by trees to a long promenade along the beach. The clouds were threatening but nothing happened. Steve took to the water and the lifeguard he met yesterday waved and told me he was a very good swimmer! It was too cold for me so I watched as lots of mainly young people arrived for their surfing lessons. 

It’s the same all the world over. Young surfy types with salty hair, chapped lips and weathered skin gathered the novice surfers around for instruction before hitting the baby waves. 

They warmed up and went out – several looking pumped as they managed to stand up. 

Meanwhile I walked along the beach front hoping Steve didn’t disappear on me!  About 40 mins later he walked out of the water in between the startled surfers. 

Later we wandered downtown and had breakfast before exploring the town centre and the beautiful beaches. The sun is slowly coming out and we are preparing for our visit to Mark and Lauren. We’ve bought our red basque neckties ready for the festival. It comes from Pamplona in the Basque Country of Spain. Here they have cow chases instead of bull running ! 

  Note the bags and sleeping bodies!
Sand sculptures   
We enjoyed the scenes round the coast. It’s awash with young people wheeling bags and sleeping on the beach. We guessed they were sleeping off hangovers while waiting for their flights out in this afternoon. We even caught sight of a man having a beach shower and cleaning his teeth. What a good boy! 

It’s finally sunny and warm and we’re off to Bayonne for the Fete. 

2 thoughts on “Morning swim: Saturday 

  1. Hi Fran, Sounds as if you are enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach and surrounds. Looking forward to seeing photos of you and Steve in your red Basque neckties. Good to know that old surfers never die no matter where they live in the world. Stay safe. Love Anne xx


  2. Hi Frannie and Steve, love the holiday blog! Pretty sure I had a surfing lesson at the same beach in Biarritz on a grey sky day similar to the one you got! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Xx


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