At Emilion. Sunday 

After a slightly slower start we headed off this morning when most the town were still asleep. We had another lovely walk and swim  and the weather just keeps getting better. In sure now we are heading away from the sea it will get hot!

I did a quick pack – funny how I start to just throw things in the case as opposed to the careful rolling I did before I left.

Then off we went towards Bordeaux. First stop Bergerac,  a small town I had been keen to check out. I’ve read a few books set  in this area and really enjoyed poking around the ancient streets.

Sundays  in these villages have a different atmosphere. They are slow and lazy with groups sitting at long tables enjoying a slow lunch. Most shops were closed so it was all about the food and the wine. And this is a wine area. The Bordeaux wines are well known and we were keen to sample a few. Though with the warm weather all we managed in Bergerac was an icy granita!

On to St Emilion which is a picturesque town on a small hill. Colours are muted – pale honey colours dominate. Not the white with grey slate of the Loire or the blue shutters of Provence.

The town was stuffed full of tourists and we felt quite smug to be staying in a really nice B&B at the entrance to the town. Doing my homework when it comes to finding accomodation really pays off. So far really good places.

We walked up and around the cobbled streets working up a thirst until we reached a quaint square with tables surrounded by fans blowing misted cool air. Sold ! A beer and vino later – accompanied by foie gras a little  a local specialty, we were feeling more human and rested.

We found a good place for dinner and  I promise myself each day that I will not eat too much. But I’m not very strong over here when  confronted with delicious food. Mind you I’m still staying away from gluten, so no bread or pastries for me. It’s SO hard.

Lovely B&B St Emilion. les Chambre d’Ovaline


Sitting in the pink. at our B&B


One thought on “At Emilion. Sunday 

  1. Memories……..I have the same photo of “the lady” in Bergerac! I wonder how long she will last before having to be replaced. Such a pretty historic town. I hope you see keeping the details of your accommodation Fran – you must have quite a book full with all the travelling you have done over the last ten years or so.


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