St Emilion to Bordeaux and back : Monday 3

Our lovely room at the B&B overlooks one of the main cobbled streets into St Emilion but there was very little noise. It’s a rather hushed small town. Probably because of the heat and the wine tastings. People are moving slowly and quietly around the streets. 

So we slept well, did our hand washing and headed off to Libourne for a train to Bordeaux. It only takes a half hour so we were there by 10.30. The city sits along the river Girond and has a beautiful stretch of river with gorgeous low rise pale stone buildings with decorative balconies in the style of Louis XV. There is an open plaza with beautiful tall trees in rows providing shade and cool. The buildings are superb. Decorative without being gaudy. 

We decided the city looked too big for the few hours we allowed so we took a small yellow bus tour. The bus  is a single story with only 20 seats and gives an hour overview to the main sites around the city. It got off to a very funny start as when we went to get on having booked, there were no seats for us and about 8 others. No one owned up to being on the wrong bus so the driver had to get his superior to come and check the tickets! Very funny as a group of Spaniards had missed their earlier bus and decided this one would suit. They refused to get off and there was a bit of an Opera unfolding but the French won the war and off we went. 

 Come along as I show you some photos 


The main plaza covered in trees.


Girondiers monument in the main square.


Beautiful green space where there had been a guillotine for public beheadings!



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