All creamed up and no where to go

Disappointment this morning. We arrived at the port and there was a lot of discussion and finally Rafael and the boat captain said it was way too windy and they said it would be too dangerous. So the swim is cancelled. 

Rob hearing the bad news and trying to talk Rafael into going.

 But no………. Perhaps Sunday when the wind has gone. Real anticlimax for the red team. Yellow team were disappointed for them but I think secretly happy they went first yesterday. 

So off to the White cafe for coffee/ breakfast. Steve ,Rob, Cameron and Chris had a swim at the very cold beach and it was painfully cold Steve said. 

Rob and Cameron all creamed ready to go. 

So more apprehension as we now wait till Sunday! I guess we always knew it could be a wait. But to have one team finish is making it hard. Oh well. 

Now we are planning what we’ll do for the next day or two and get ready again! 

2 thoughts on “All creamed up and no where to go

  1. Poor Steave and Rob…….how disappointed the Red team must be, even more so seeing the other team has finished.
    Hopefully tomorrow will be calm. Someone with some pull needs to have a serious chat with Neptune!
    Good luck for the next try.


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